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Taxi Booking from BUF Airport to Niagara Falls USA


From Buffalo's Bustle to Niagara's Whisper: Experience Premier Comfort with Every Journey

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Direct Route to Natural Splendor

The Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls, NY, USA Taxi Booking Portal is not just about transportation; it’s your direct ticket to one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring sights. From the buzz of the airport to the roar of the falls, we ensure your journey is as memorable as the destination itself.

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Efficiency Meets Local Expertise

Every moment counts, especially when you’re on the brink of experiencing something grand. Our portal’s specialized focus on the Buffalo-Niagara route means we’ve fine-tuned the experience. With drivers well-versed in the region’s nuances, from the quickest ways to hidden gems, you’re not just traveling but exploring with a local guide.

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Punctuality and Premium Comfort Guaranteed

We understand the essence of a smooth transition. Our commitment is to get you from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls, NY, USA, with utmost punctuality. Our curated fleet ensures you travel in comfort, making the journey as much a part of the experience as the arrival.

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"Welcome to the stunning beauty and grandeur of Niagara Falls on the American side!"

We’re delighted to extend our warmest greetings as you arrive in the stunning environs of Niagara Falls on the American side. This natural wonder, a spectacle of raw power and majesty, welcomes millions of visitors every year, making it a beacon of natural beauty and a testament to the awe-inspiring power of nature. As you stand at the brink, the thunderous roar of the water, the cooling mist, and the beautiful rainbows add to the charm of the experience, making every visit unforgettable. We’re thrilled to welcome you to this magical destination, where every view is a postcard and every moment is a memory.

Taxi to Niagara Falls NY USD SIDE Hotels - Only $85 USD Flat Rate

USA Niagara Falls Side Experiences and Activities

Niagara Falls in the USA is a breathtaking natural wonder in the country’s northeastern part. The falls are located on the Niagara River, which borders the state of New York and the province of Ontario, Canada. Tourists worldwide love to visit this spot to see the breathtaking waterfall, which cascades down from a height of over 160 feet. Niagara Falls, USA, and its surrounding area boast many attractions, ranging from parks to restaurants and museums, making it a desirable destination for families and couples looking for a vacation spot.

1. Niagara Falls State Park

Did you know that Niagara Falls State Park holds the title of the oldest state park in the United States? Enjoy a stunning view of all three falls from the observation tower next to Prospect Point. After taking the tower’s elevator, you can board the famous boat ride known as the Maid of the Mist. Taxi fares in Buffalo, New York, are relatively affordable. We can offer you additional savings if you qualify for our taxi discount. You can easily arrange a meeting with us by calling or using our live chat feature.

2. Maid of the Mist Boat Tour

Experience the breathtaking Maid of the Mist Boat Tour and immerse yourself in the beauty of Niagara Falls. Witness the roaring waters up close and feel the mist on your face as you sail through the Niagara River Gorge. This iconic attraction is a must-see for anyone visiting Niagara Falls. So take advantage of this unforgettable adventure!

3. Old Fort Niagara

Take a journey through history and discover the fascinating story of Old Fort Niagara, a tribute to the triumphs and struggles of colonial America. This historic site has stood for over three centuries, witnessing pivotal moments in shaping our nation. Old Fort Niagara, which began as a French trading post, was a significant contributor to the early history of America, mainly through its involvement in the French and Indian War. Visit this living history museum to witness reenactments of battles and daily life. Experience the lives of the people who built and defended this iconic landmark by immersing yourself in their stories.

4. Cave of the Winds

Have you heard about the Cave of the Winds at Niagara Falls, NY? It’s a breathtaking experience that you won’t want to miss! The natural wonder of the falls, combined with the thrill of standing just feet away from the cascading water, is truly unforgettable. Be sure to add it to your must-see places when you travel!

5. Advanced Jet Boat Tour

Join us on our Advanced Jet Boat Tour of Niagara Falls in New York for the adventure of a lifetime. Prepare for an unforgettable ride that will take you up close and personal with the mighty falls. So book your airport taxi today and prepare to be amazed by the natural wonder and beauty of Niagara Falls!

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COVID-19: Travel, testing and borders

It is optional to provide COVID-19 vaccination documentation or to undergo testing before crossing the border. Furthermore, there is no need for pre-entry or post-arrival COVID-19 testing, nor is there a requirement for quarantine upon entering Canada. While using ArriveCAN is not mandatory, it is recommended that you wear a high-quality, adequately fitted mask or respirator during your travels. Please be aware that if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have tested positive, it is important not to travel to Canada. Instead, refer to your province or territory's guidelines to determine the appropriate action.

What if my flight is early or delayed?

To ensure a smooth ride to the airport, kindly provide your flight number when booking your taxi. We will monitor your flight and adjust your pickup time accordingly. When you arrive, your driver will patiently wait for 45 minutes so that you can have enough time to go through security, collect your baggage, and reach the arrivals hall to meet your driver.

What's included in the price?

Our prices include all taxes, fees, toll road charges, and Meet & Greet for airport pickups. Unfortunately, this means we'll track your flight and wait up to 45 minutes after it arrives. In the event of a taxi ride to a non-airport location, kindly note that the driver will wait 15 minutes beyond the scheduled pickup time. Also, please note that special requests or changes to your trip may incur an additional fee.

How do I pay my trip?

When you reserve an airport taxi online, you can conveniently pay your driver in advance. This ensures that everything is confirmed and settled beforehand, eliminating the possibility of unexpected costs or the need for cash upon arrival. We offer various payment options: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, major debit cards, and PayPal.

Can I cancel my Taxi Booking?

Certainly! You can cancel your booking reservation free of charge if you do so 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time. For further details, please refer to your booking confirmation.
Niagara Falls NY Trip

Only $85 Taxi from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls New York.

Are you looking to make your trip to Niagara Falls, New York, unforgettable? First, be sure to reserve the most exciting and memorable activities available! Then, you can book confidently, knowing that our no-fee cancellation policy has covered you in case of unexpected changes to your travel plans.

Our cab service from Buffalo Airport to Niagara Falls, NY, is top-rated and competitively priced. So book your taxi today for immediate confirmation and enjoy a hassle-free ride.

We will keep track of your flight’s arrival time, and our driver will be waiting for you at the arrival level. You can trust that we have everything under control. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology, and our drivers are highly trained, friendly, and capable.

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At BUF Buffalo Airport Taxi, we make your life easier by accepting all major car payment cards. You can book a cab anytime, day or night, up to six months in advance through our airport dispatch system.

Professional Airport Taxi Service To Niagara Falls NY.

Our company has a long history of transporting clients across Canadian borders, including many exciting destinations near Niagara Falls, New York. We take pride in serving customers from various backgrounds and industries, and we would greatly appreciate your help.

At our company, we prioritize providing exceptional customer service and experiences. To achieve this goal, we foster a can-do attitude among our staff and collaborate closely with one another and with external stakeholders. We also recognize the importance of respecting the cultural and environmental integrity of Buffalo, New York, and involve a diverse range of voices in our decision-making processes.

Our commitment to inclusivity enables us to offer our customers access to various transportation resources. We also make it a priority to recognize and support the achievements of our coworkers, which helps to create a positive and supportive workplace environment.

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If you want to stop in Washington, D.C. on your route, please visit our official taxi provider, Dc Taxi Service. If you’re planning a trip to Tampa, Florida after visiting Buffalo, New York, contact our Tampa Taxi Service and Tampa Taxi Cab provider for a discount.

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